Iphone problems

iPhone speakers not working

There are a couple of things which can make your IPhone Speaker Not Working properly, or at all. The two most important causes are related to software or hardware issues. When it comes to the latter problem, it’s important to not blame yourself too much, as the speakers of this beautiful high-tech phone are highly sensitive –when one part is damaged, this may cause the whole system to malfunction and stop working. In regards to the potential software issue, it may just so happen that your iPhone is not sending the adequate signals to make the speakers work. Although frustrating, this is so much easier to fix than any hardware malfunction. 

Fixing iPhone speaker problems

Some of the things we will suggest are basic and may seem entirely straightforward; however, we’re all guilty of mistaking a fault for a simple human error. 
Headphone Mode
With iPhones, when the headphones are connected, all sounds will be transferred through there. In some cases, your iPhone may assume or erroneously believe that headphones are still connected, meaning that it will not play any noises accordingly. This is a simple iphone 6 speaker not working problem easily fixable in the store –may be due to water or debris stuck in the jack.
iPhone is on silent
Many users may find this condescending, but it is a genuine problem for some who are first-time users of iPhones. This can easily be resolved by flipping the silent switch to the ring option. 
Volume is low 
This goes hand in hand with the first issue –accidentally turning the volume down and forgetting about it. Try turning the volume up as much as possible, and then try to see if the speakers are working. It may also be that your speaker is broken, should the sound appear faint or cracking.