best gaming chairs

Gaming Chairs

Rocker Gaming Chair

These types of chairs are designed to sit directly on the floor, as they are constructed without wheels or legs. The advantages are numerous, including the modern L-shape design, their versatility and comfort level.


Moreover, higher-end models come equipped with RCA stereo inputs, built-in speakers, wireless functions, memory foam padding, subwoofers, and a plethora of other fancy features. You shouldn’t be surprised if they can wirelessly connect to other Rocker Chairs in the house either –ideal for immersive multiplayer gaming.

Pedestal Gaming Chair

Similar to Rocker gaming chairs, this type comes equipped with an additional pedestal located under the seat. Sit up, swivel, or both –but don’t forget that they are provided with the same features as the rocker

Racer Gaming Chairs

Many gamers are into racing chairs because of their smart leather appeal. Higher-end models come equipped with pedals and a steering wheel, all you need for an authentic racing experience. Adjustable and highly versatile, they are durable, reliable, and typically come with a generous warranty.

Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming

Beans bags are not only for those looking for childhood memories, as many gamers opt to lounge in bean bags placed in front of their gaming console. Featuring built-in speakers and subwoofers, prepare to get as comfortable as one can be!

PC Gaming Chair

Computer gaming chairs, otherwise known as PC chairs, are quite similar to the conventional office unit. Nonetheless, they are tailored to meet gaming needs, equipped with a plethora of ergonomic features including a lumbar pillow, a cushioned headrest, and comfortable armrests.

Available in a variety of colours and materials, they are designed to fit your needs, leaning back a full 180 degrees for a quick rest of your eyes in between games. All the additional support is meant to provide comfort for hours on end.